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Used for a plethroa of things. Infused with essential oils and carrier oil such as rosemary, peppermint, cinnamon bark, teetree. Spray on for daily moisturizing instead of water and leave in or use as a rinse/conditioner apply a shower cap, leave on and rinse out when desired. Promotes hair growth, gives hair a boost of shine and bounce, helps balance the pH of the scalp, reduces rednes, scalping and itching of the scalp, works like an astrignet to reduce the oiliness of hair and discourages split ends. Thickens up thinning hair, discourages split ends. Good for those with Dreads. Persons going through radiation or after. KEEP IN THE FRIDGE TO PROLONG ITS LIFE.

Horsetail Tea Rinse

SKU: 126351351935
  • Due to hygiene reasons goods sold are not exchangable, returnable or refundable once the packaging has been opened. Due to the fact that we cannot ascertain if liquids have been doctored/tampered with, we are not only able to accept returns of any liquids, whether they are unopened, unused or remain sealed unless we have sent you incorrect liquids in your order.

  • The details of your shipment will determine which payment method and shipping you use when you place your order.

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